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Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foams are generally less ridgid, durable or dense as PE (Polyethylene’s)

However for certain applications there are a range of low cost  “High Load Bearing” PU foams which are suited to high  impact protective packaging situations.

The General range of  PU foams are suited to lower value packaging situations.

  • Available in Standard,  Antistatic or Flame Retardant with or without self adhesive.
  • Large range of  colour choices.
  • Applications Include: Packaging, padding, point of sale, medical and industrial.
  • Production: Die cut, water jetted, band knifed, profiled or saw cut

Polyether based Polyurethane (PU) foams are available in a wide range of densities (12 – 30 kg/m3), colours and specifications. Uses include packaging, industrial, automotive and acoustic, can be self-adhesive backed or plain. These are low cost foams, which tend to be used in less technologically demanding applications.

Density / Grade Application Standard Sheet Size / range Type Colour
Low Density  (12 kg/m3) General Purpose 2340x1650x 3 / 1060mm Standard White / Yellow
Medium Density (22 kg/m3) General Purpose 2340x2032x 3 / 1060mm Standard Grey / Yellow
Anti-static (22 kg/m3) Electronics Packaging 2340x2032x3 / 1060mm Antistatic Pink
Low Density FR  (24 kg/m3) General Purpose 2340x2032x 3 / 1060mm Flame Retardent Dark Blue
Low Density FR  (24 kg/m3) General / Purpose 2340x2032x 3 / 1060mm Flame Retardent Dark Red
High Load Bearing Specialist Packaging 2340x2032x 3 / 1060mm Standard / Antistatic Grey / Blue / Pink