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Pressed or Die Cut Foam

Press or Die Cutting

We offer various press foam parts manufactured using methods to suit your application. Straight through cuts kiss cuts and tear off.

CNC controlled machines are favoured for fast efficient volumes runs these offer most cost effective conversion rates.

High Yield Automatic Presses

Automatic die cutting carried out on rapid, continuous high speed foam presses provide us with the speed and accuracy required to remain extremely competitive. Automation gives us the edge being able to offer the short lead times our customers have come to expect.

  • Kiss cut parts
  • Self adhesive peel off parts
  • Strips
  • Joints
  • Plain
  • Self adhesive pads
  • Stripped from Outer
  • U stripped
  • Folding foam parts
  • Hinged foam parts

Fabricated saw cut parts

Vertical foam cutters and profilers have the scope to cut foam from block 2400 x 2000 x 1200mm. Any Shape or size.

Band-knife’s and basic foam saw’s are used to cut open cell polyethylene foams prior to welding and fabrication of packaging inserts.

Cnc Routing

Our FoamPackaging site currently run two AXYZ twin headed Routers which can cut to a depth of 170mm through one solid piece of foam… Custom made Foam inserts manufactured and developed at Styrotech’s foam facility are either bespoke design’s which are designed and specified by our in house engineers or developed from your own specification.

For this type of high end re-usable product we offer a comprehensive range of high performance Closed Cell , Cross Linked Polyethylenes,our most popular type is Plastazote. Infinitely Re-usable, chemically inert, non abrasive, and water resistant.

  • Field Engineers tool kit
  • Tote Trays
  • Multi Layer Case Inserts
  • Camera case Foam Inserts
  • Medical case Foam Inserts
  • Point Of sale Foam Inserts
  • Multi Coloured inserts for tool indentification
  • Manufacturing – Industrial Support’s
  • Protective Transit case inserts
  • Tool case Inserts
  • Machine tool control inserts
  • Foam Shapes and Supports